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In pursuit of an even playing field

As I write this I realise that I am thinking about the world I want my 8yo daughter to live in and my 5yo son to be aware of and help towards creating.

Lee Englestone

I need your videos, not my face

This should be you


Using Polywork to Break My Unconscious Biases

I have an unconscious inclination to follow content created by white guys.

Michael Jolley

Don't be THAT guy

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Alex Lakatos

It Starts With Us...

We have an eleven to twelve year old girl waiting at her bus stop being sexually harassed by a truck full of adult men.

Chris Gargotta

My daughter deserves better

It has taken me years to shake off the apprehension about loudly and repeatedly calling this kind of thing out and trying to turn a mirror on other men who have yet to make any of these realizations themselves. For that, I am ashamed.


For more information and to get involved, contact @whitep4nth3r

📣 CALLING ALL MEN IN TECH WHO BELIEVE IN A BETTER FUTURE 📣 I need you for something extremely important.


Breaking the cycle

I bet that most of the toxicity and mistreatment I see online each day is due to the fact that the internet offers anonymity, and with anonymity comes power.

Terry Burns-Dyson

Toxic male behaviour - we can and must do better

I think I have made assumptions about someone's role based on their sex. I hate myself for this and I try and learn.

Kevin McDonnell

Tech is for Everyone

What if the first thing you hear in a meeting is a greeting “Hey guys”, which explicitly excludes you?

Martin Zikmund

Diversity Shouldn't Override Merit

So fellow white guys, this one is on us. When someone starts talking about increasing diversity, resist the urge to respond with some nonsense about not seeing color or gender.

John Neuhaus

On Meritocracy

My regret when writing this article is that...I haven't taken as much action as I could have.

James Seconde

Stand up for your fellow tech nerd, you're not being a white knight, you're being a decent human being!

Confront "just banter", it's 2021.

Scott Mellors

Just Say No, to Misogyny: How and Why to Be an Ally

Margaret Atwood said that “men are afraid that women will laugh at them” while “women are afraid that men will kill them.”

Chris Grundemann

Tech has a people problem

For a long period of my life I was always concerned about calling these things out. "It's just a bit of banter", "It's not meaning anything it's just how they speak" or, possibly an even poorer excuse, "It's just cultural".

Rhys Powell

We need to talk more about equality in tech

Instead of trying to be “10x Developer”, why not first try to be at least 1x human?

Ibrahim Cesar

As a man in tech I stand for EQUALITY

I follow a lot of great content creators (blog/tutorial writers, video makers, live streamers) — many of whom identify as women — who are exposed to so many inappropriate comments about their looks or their skill levels.

Igor Ilic

If you say or risk nothing, you are not an Ally

My daughter is going to be entering this terrible mess I've helped make, and it makes me sick.

David Poindexter

Stop being a fuckwad!

And who is to blame for this? Me. I am. I've watched this abuse happen online and not said anything. I was the problem.

Jack M

The necessity of equality and fairness in the tech ecosystem

I'd like to raise a daughter who is not afraid to assert her rights.

Kingsley Victor

Equality in tech

I’ve had the pleasure of watching some awesome folks streaming on Twitch and YouTube, and have witnessed them being harrassed. And guess what, all of the targets, on all of the occasions, are female.

DJ Adams

It has to change! Shape up! Do better!

This isn't just a gender issue, it happens in all walks of life and everyone needs to do stuff to change this.

Matthew Peck-Deloughry

Hey, we need to talk

I’m ashamed by my fellow man.

Mat Benfield

Being an Ally Means Getting It Wrong Sometimes

None of us can do the right thing all the time. I mess up, and you’ll mess up too. The key is to listen, recognize, acknowledge, educate, and activate.

George Song